A healing holiday in Sri Lanka is one of a kind experience that can ensure an unmatched rejuvenation retreat. Whether you are visiting Sri Lanka just to soothe your mind and body with Ayurvedic medicines or want to experience a relaxing pampering time, Sri Lanka has so much to offer. Feel like you are in Cloud Nine and completely relaxed and look more radiant than ever. Here is how the Ayurvedic healing holiday in Sri Lanka looks like.

What is Ayurveda?

Ever felt exhausted physically, spiritually, and emotionally? Just like food satisfies one’s hunger, Ayurveda helps rejuvenate one’s body, mind, and soul. Ayurveda is believed to be one of the oldest forms of medicinal practices, which promotes the use of natural herbs and ingredients as medicine. Ayurveda in Sri Lanka made its debut back in 3rd century BC, while it was believed to be found three to five thousand years ago in India. They aren’t used to solely healing one’s sickness, but their current physical state.

It’s based on the firm belief that everything in the universe radiates its own energy. However, it is when there’s an imbalance from one’s natural frequency (due to a variety of external factors affecting them), that individual tends to fall short of their optimal state. Sicknesses, disease, muscular pain, emotional imbalances, and the rest of other undesirable effects are all results of this “energy imbalance”. A lifestyle that incorporates meditation, yoga and a healthy diet that detoxifies and rejuvenates will help prevent these undesirable effects before they can even strike, unlike western medicine.

Top Ayurveda experiences to enjoy in Sri Lanka

Ayurveda in Sri Lanka is world-renowned as it is home to one of the most unique and extravagant ayurvedic treatment and wellness centres ever found. Each offers a unique experience on its own. Once consulted by your ayurvedic practitioner, there’s a range of ayurvedic treatments that you could benefit from depending on your needs and current conditions. Here’s a few of the most common treatments you could expect during your healing holiday in Sri Lanka.

1. Oil Massages

Warm, natural oils (sesame oil is the most popular) are poured onto your body – targeting a specific muscle group, part of the body or everything from your scalp to your toes at once. The massage therapist then works their magical hands to bring about a range of benefits that include improved skin health, vision, lymphatic drainage, energy and alertness alongside reduced stress, muscle stiffness and skin-aging.

2. Herbal baths

We all long for a shower after the end of a long day – the relief it brings about is immaculate. What if we replaced water with a select group of natural, healing herbs, flowers, and oils? How about a steam bath to let lose your body and mind further? Ayurvedic herbal steam baths bring about numerous gains – detoxification, improved circulation, immunity, skin health, muscle relaxation and much more.

3. Ayurvedic treatments

Apart from specific massages, other mainstream ayurvedic treatments include medicinal herb plasters to treat inflammatory conditions on one’s body. Nasal therapy and nasal inhalation are used for cleansing excess bodily fluids accumulated in the respiratory system and sinus cavities, which relieves breathing difficulties and increases relaxation.

4. Yoga and Meditation

In promoting the continued wellness of your physical body and mind, there’s no better duo to help you with it other than yoga and meditation. Yoga helps enhance flexibility, heart health, stress relief, power and balance while easing symptoms of arthritis. On the contrary, meditation rewires your brain and benefits it with increased awareness, focus and enlightens your overall mood.

5. Wellness diets

Well, you know how the saying goes – You are what you eat. A complete ayurvedic treatment always includes a follow-up diet plan. The diets are focused on detoxification and complete cleansing of the inner digestive tract. Promoting natural, whole foods with higher fiber content, over-processed foods, these diets can then protect an individual against chronic disease, hormonal imbalances and maintain their overall health at a well-balanced state.

And that list consists of just a few of the many customized ayurvedic treatments one can expect to be recommended or receive from their ayurvedic practitioners in Sri Lanka. To summarize, Ayurveda is an ancient healing system that has proved to work its wonders over time and bring about vast health benefits that seem quite unimaginable. All it takes is a practitioner to tune into your energy to give you exactly what you need to offset the energy imbalance.

Looking forward to some Ayurveda in Sri Lanka? Plan your next ayurvedic retreat and so much more with us today!

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By: mhadmin

Published: January 10th, 2022

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